The rise of cannabis-infused edible products has been a major game changer in the marijuana industry. THC mints are one of the most popular types of edibles, as they provide a discreet, delicious way to enjoy the effects of cannabis. 2.5mg THC mints offer the perfect amount of THC to give you a mild, yet enjoyable experience. In this article, we will explore the benefits of 2.5mg THC mints and how to safely enjoy them.

What does 2.5mg of THC mean in relation to edibles?

2.5mg of THC is a common dose for edibles, as it is a low dose that is suitable for most consumers.

5mg of THC mean in relation to edibles?

Consuming 2.5mg of THC mints will produce mild effects, such as mild relaxation and a slight euphoric feeling.

Are 2.5mg THC mints suitable for beginners?

Yes, 2.5mg THC mints are suitable for beginners as it is a low dose and will produce mild effects.

How long will the effects of 2.5mg THC mints last?

The effects of 2.5mg THC mints usually last for around 2-4 hours.

What are the potential side effects of consuming 2.5mg THC mints?

The potential side effects of consuming 2.5mg THC mints include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

One evening late last year I was on my computer at home when I heard a woman yelling. Well, not just yelling. More like screaming bloody murder. I ran outside and discovered the noise was coming from the house next door. I bounded in and found my neighbor in her bedroom, alternately curled on her bed, then sitting up screaming. Her dogs were cowering. She had bitten off a chunk of a cannabis-infused caramel that contained a total of milligrams of THC. She had probably consumed between 10 milligrams and 15 milligrams. Having spent the last couple of years learning about cannabis, I knew that she was not going to die. But she was in such distress that I suggested that her husband call Inexperienced users who want to dabble, especially with edibles, owe it to themselves to get educated. But the public, obviously, has an obligation to keep itself safe too. And there are stringent requirements for child-resistant packaging, which are adding considerably to the cost of every product. But, honestly, parents need to lock this stuff up. Like their guns and their alcohol cabinet. Cannabis needs to be in an area that is completely inaccessible to children. The new law says that one serving of an edible can contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, with no more than mgs allowed in a single product package. Knoblich and her husband are proponents of microdosing. Generally, a microdose is defined as an amount between 2. The frustrating part about cannabis is that every amount affects everybody differently, so you run the risk of not feeling it, then getting frustrated. And then you want to take more, which can be a mistake. Although a glass of wine goes to your head immediately, it can take up to two hours to feel the full effect of an edible. This is where so many people get into trouble. You have no idea how much THC you are getting, and you may end up feeling as if you are going to die. One major byproduct of legalization has been the dramatic increase in the cost of doing business. All marijuana entrepreneurs must obtain local and state licenses, which are expensive. Taxes have been levied on cannabis at nearly every point between cultivation and retail sales. In addition to state taxes, cities and counties can impose taxes of their own. For consumers, all the taxes mean retail prices have spiked, even as the wholesale price of raw cannabis has plummeted. She declined an offer to be transported to the ER. But one of the paramedics said something that upset her, and she started screaming again, so they took her anyway. After a few hours of observation, she was sent home. The next morning she was a little embarrassed but fine. She told me that she had hallucinated that her contractor was trying to steal her home out from under her. To read this article in Spanish click here. Twitter AbcarianLAT. Robin Abcarian is an opinion columnist at the Los Angeles Times. She writes about news, politics and culture. Her columns appear on Wednesday and Sunday. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Special Supplements. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. The mints. By Robin Abcarian Columnist. Kiva Confections, an Oakland-based cannabis infused candy company, expects these microdose mints to eventually become its most popular product. Microdosing is recommended for cannabis beginners. Robin Abcarian. Follow Us twitter instagram email facebook.
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