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With Summer air comes plump, juicy watermelons. Our Indica gummy is overflowing with cannabinoid-rich full-spectrum oil, and hugs you into an all encompassing body high. Get lost in the golden hours of tropical paradise all from the comfort of your couch. Our luscious wild, ripe strawberry flavor is perfectly blended with our earthy, potent full-spectrum oil, giving you a great taste of nature, and a rich high. Choose your own adventure with the fantastic, flirty Hybrid. Time to hang out with curly-headed Hybrid. Along with its quirky raspberry flavor, Hybrid promises to deliver a comforting counterweight to an effervescent high. This delicious all natural blueberry gummy soothes and heals after a long day. Popular with athletes and those that need to combat inflammation and pain post-workout, Recover offers a delicate microdose of THC, balanced with the calming, healing powers of CBD. New to the KushyPunch line-up is this highly-anticipated sugar free version of our top-selling mg sativa gummy. Our new sugar free gummy is perfect for anyone on a low sugar diet, or those with diabetes or heart disease. Our Kushy CBD gummy is made with organic ingredients, tapioca syrup instead of fructose or corn syrup, and harnesses all the goodness cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and true potential of the plant. A deep body high that feels like floating in warm, calm waters on a balmy day. A sharpened head buzz for those looking to blast off through the clouds. A euphoric balancing trick where your body and mind funky dance like long lost friends. Feels like a fat, juicy dab to the belly.
ChrisB12 verified owner February 29, Bought some of the cherry flavour to try them out. They taste like any other cherry candy, and will kick and aches and pains right out! Danielle Smith verified owner March 13, I am not a smoker anymore. Something changed and now smoking gives me anxiety, but this, this right here gives me that relaxed lifted feeling and helps combat my own anxiety perfectly. I feel like I can think, but not too much lol. I recommend it to those who want to chill out their busy over thinking brains and just relax. Very yummy. BigDaddySmokie verified owner March 22, These gummies tasted good and you can barely taste any weed. I ate whole bag of 20 gummies and was waiting for a nice ride. Turns out just a mild buzz. No feeling it in my knees. Would not buy these ones again. I tried pure north full spectrum tropical punch and had way better experience. Took 20 x 5mg and had little buzz from mikro and before I took 4 x 15mg of pure north and had great time. Jack Davidson verified owner January 13, My dad and brother in law love these. As two people that are athletic that never got into thc before, i got them these candies as an entry level for them and they both love these! They use them in the evening to relax and to sleep. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Search for. Rated 4. Rated 5 out of 5. Rated 2 out of 5. Love these. View Product. Rated 5. Add to cart.