If you are looking for high-quality hemp products, then D&D Hemp Store is the place to be. With their wide selection of hemp-derived products, you can find exactly what you need to meet your needs. From hemp clothing to hemp-infused beauty products, D&D Hemp Store has it all. Learn more about the difference that D&D Hemp Store can make in your life and why shopping here is the best choice for all your hemp needs.

What products does the D and D Hemp Store offer?

The D and D Hemp Store offers a wide variety of products including organic hemp seed oil, hemp-infused honey, hemp protein powder, hemp-infused teas and coffee, hemp-infused edibles, hemp lotions and balms, and more. All of the products are sourced from only the highest quality hemp farms and manufacturers in the USA, ensuring that customers receive only the best products.

How much CBD is in each product?

It depends on the product. D & D Hemp Store offers a variety of CBD products, each with differing amounts of CBD in them. The amount of CBD is clearly listed on the product’s packaging or website page.

Is the D and D Hemp Store compliant with local and state regulations?

Yes, the D and D Hemp Store is compliant with local and state regulations as they adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, the store only sells hemp-derived products that are tested and meet the legal requirements in the state. Furthermore, the store follows all state and local laws and regulations including labeling and product safety.

Does the D and D Hemp Store offer any lab testing results for their products?

No, the D and D Hemp Store does not offer any lab testing results for their products. However, they do provide detailed information about their products so customers can make an informed decision when purchasing.

What is the return policy for products purchased from the D and D Hemp Store?

The D and D Hemp Store has a 30-day return policy for products purchased from their store. Customers can return any product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange of the same item. Returns must be in original packaging, unopened and undamaged. Customers are responsible for return postage costs.

We carry plenty of options to meet your CBD needs and did you know that we grow our own hemp? This allows us to produce our very own line of Get Wells products that we trust. Our CBD products include oils, vape pens, soaps, and edibles. Our other in-store pain management products include THC-derived Delta-8 and various strains of Kratom. We also sell smoking accessories, clothing, gifts, and more. Green Maeng Da This strain is native to Thailand. All the types of Maeng Da Kratom strains are effective at relieving pain. However, the Green Maeng Da can also help give you a strong boost of energy and help relieve pain. Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan This strain is native to Malaysia. However, this strain can produce a feeling of euphoria and energy. White Indo This strain is native to Indonesia. Similar to the strain White Maeng Da, the White Indo is a strong pain reliever, but it is between energizing and relaxing. Red Bali This strain is native to Bali, Indonesia. This is a classic euphoric strain of Kratom. Red Bali is perfect for those who are new to Kratom or for those who are looking for a simple euphoric effect. Yellow Gold This strain is native to Indonesia. This type of Kratom is made from a variety of red strains which have a slightly longer drying process when compared to regular Kratom. This allows it to give off a strong sense of euphoria. CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a non-psychoactive extract that derives from the cannabis plant. A big thing with CBD is that it will not make you high. CBD is suggested to help with a wide array of health symptoms and conditions. This supplement is used to alleviate pain, inflammation, insomnia, and even is used to manage neurological disorders like depression, anxiety, and epilepsy. There are so many different ways of using CBD products, and you can find them in the form of edibles, vape pens, topical creams, capsules, oils, and more! The effects of CBD are usually subtle. The relaxing effect that CBD can have can make you sometimes feel as if you are hovering or floating. This feeling may make your body feel lighter or heavier, allowing your mind to feel relaxed and loose. The higher the dosage of CBD the stronger the effects are. However, even a very high dosage will not produce a strong enough effect to get you high. Another way that people describe the effects of CBD includes feeling an autopilot-like sensation. It can feel like your body is reacting automatically without much thought behind it. When this happens, you are able to remain in total control, yet your mind can remain clear. In some instances, people find that a high dose of CBD can make them tired. This is especially prevalent in CBD products containing a higher concentration of a related cannabinoid called cannabinol CBN , which is used as a strong sedative. CBD has several health benefits that are well documented. An array of these effects stem from its ability to interact with eh endocannabinoid system ECS in your body. This system is made up of several receptors located throughout your body. Some other parts of the body that are impacted by the use of CBD include neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine as well as cell regeneration. CBD is extremely safe. There have been several clinical trials that explored the effects of CBD on specific health issues. All of the trials have reported a low number of side effects that are associated with the supplement. Many of the studies even used CBD in high doses, way higher than the average user would even come near taking. Even though CBD rarely causes any issues, there are still a few side effects that you should take note of. These side effects are more common with higher dosages or individuals who are sensitive. This can include. There are some areas where the psychoactive parts of cannabis plants THC are considered illegal. When you take a drug test, it is searching for traces of that THC. However, since CBD is non-psychoactive it is legal in many places, which is why there is no reason for it to show up on a drug test. If you are worried about failing a drug test if you have been taking CBD, you should seek out products that are made from CBD isolates or broad-spectrum extracts. These products have no traceable amount of THC in them. It is extremely unlikely that you would fail a drug test as a result of taking these types of oils. The simple answer to this is no. CBD itself is not addictive and has a very low likelihood of creating physical dependence or tolerance. This is especially true when compared to anti-anxiety medications including opioids or benzodiazepine drugs. However, there can be a habit-forming with people who use CBD as a way to rely on their supplement for relief from their symptoms. This however is very different from physical addiction. During a moment of physical addition, the body loses its ability to maintain itself without the drug.