Fred Hersch is an acclaimed jazz pianist who experienced a near-death experience after a 10-day coma in 2008. In his new book, “My Coma Dreams A Journey Through the Unseen World”, Hersch recounts his harrowing experience and the mystical and spiritual journey he endured during his coma. Through vivid descriptions and personal reflections, Hersch brings readers into the world of his innermost thoughts and dreams, exploring the power of the human spirit and the profound connection between the physical and spiritual realms. He shares intimate details about his recovery, the profound impact the coma had on his life, and the lessons he learned along the way. Through his story, Hersch offers readers a unique glimpse into the mysterious and often unseen world of the mind and spirit.

What was the inspiration for Fred Hersch’s song “My Coma Dreams”?

Fred Hersch’s song “My Coma Dreams” was inspired by his own experience while in a medically induced coma. After suffering a near-fatal case of bacterial meningitis, Hersch experienced a series of vivid and surreal dreams while unconscious. He wrote the song to capture the feelings of his dream-like state, and to express his gratitude for his recovery.

How has Fred Hersch’s music evolved since the release of “My Coma Dreams”?

Since the release of Fred Hersch’s album “My Coma Dreams” in 2010, his music has evolved to incorporate more varied elements and incorporate new instruments. He has experimented with larger ensembles and new styles, including a variety of folk, jazz, and classical influences. He has also explored more improvisational elements and explored different genres, from jazz ballads to tango. His music has become more complex and varied, and his ability to combine different styles in a creative way has become an integral part of his unique sound.

What is the significance of the song “My Coma Dreams” for Fred Hersch?

The song “My Coma Dreams” is a very important song to Fred Hersch, as it is a reflection of his own personal experience during a month-long coma that he was in in 2008. In the song, he expresses his feelings of loneliness, confusion, and fear, as well as his determination to fight through it and keep living his life. It is a reminder to him of how fragile life can be, and how even in the darkest of times, it is possible to keep going and find hope.

What has been the response to “My Coma Dreams” from the jazz and CBD communities?

Fred Hersch’s album “My Coma Dreams” has been widely praised by both the jazz and CBD communities since its release. Jazz critics have unanimously praised the album for its inventive and creative compositions, while members of the CBD community have praised its thoughtful and inspiring lyrics. The album has been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Album, and has been described by many as a “masterpiece.”

How did Fred Hersch’s experience with CBD influence the composition of “My Coma Dreams”?

Fred Hersch’s experience with CBD deeply impacted the composition of his music. After a near-death experience due to a bacterial infection, Hersch was in a coma for two weeks and experienced vivid dreams while in the coma. These dreams were the inspiration for “My Coma Dreams”. In the song, Hersch attempts to recreate the feelings he experienced in his dreams, using CBD to give the song a dreamy and surreal sound. Hersch’s use of CBD in “My Coma Dreams” provides a unique and personal take on the song, and reflects the impact of his near-death experience on his life and creativity.