The Chevron Vistac 68 Way Oil is a high-performance oil formulated to deliver superior lubrication and protection to critical machine parts. This specialized oil is designed to reduce wear and friction, allowing for smoother machinery operation and increased efficiency. The Chevron Vistac 68 Way Oil is designed for use in a variety of machine applications, including CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, and grinding machines. This oil is formulated with advanced detergent and dispersant additives, which help to keep the oil clean and free of contaminants, while its unique viscosity provides superior lubrication and protection. With its superior performance, the Chevron Vistac 68 Way Oil is the ideal choice for keeping your machinery operating at its best.

What is the viscosity rating of Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68?

Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 has a viscosity rating of 68 SUS at 100°F and a viscosity index of 95. It is a heavy-duty way oil designed for use in a variety of machine tool applications. The product contains LEA additive technology for superior wear protection and enhanced lubricity.

Does Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 contain any synthetic additives?

No, Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 does not contain any synthetic additives. It is a premium quality, general-purpose way oil designed to provide excellent lubrication for a variety of metal-to-metal surfaces, including slides, cams, and gears. It is formulated from highly refined mineral base oils, mild anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives, and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

What type of applications is Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 suitable for?

Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 is a well-suited lubricant for a variety of applications, including those involving a wide range of temperatures. It is typically used in applications that involve high-speed operation, such as high-performance machine tools and gearboxes. It also provides excellent protection against rust and oxidation, making it suitable for bearing and other sliding surfaces. It can also be used in a variety of hydraulic systems.

Does Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 have any specific health and safety requirements?

Yes, Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 has specific health and safety requirements. The product contains a mixture of mineral oil and additives which can be potentially hazardous to human health and the environment. To ensure safety when handling, transporting, and storing the product, users must observe the health and safety requirements outlined in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This includes wearing protective clothing and equipment, limiting exposure to the product, and adhering to other safety guidelines.

Is Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 compatible with other lubricants?

Yes, Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 is compatible with other lubricants. It is a mineral oil-based lubricant that can be used in a variety of applications and is compatible with other lubricants. It is also designed to work well in a wide range of temperatures and provides excellent wear protection.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Way Oils Vistac help provide extreme pressure and antiwear protection and have stringiness and oiliness characteristics. As indicated by part of the name, Vistac, these lubricants have an unusual adhesive or tacky quality. Way Oils Vistac minimize leakage and adhere to metal surfaces providing a tenacious lubricant film. Way Oils Vistac are formulated to meet the critical lubrication demands for the slides and ways of machine tools. Their inherent low coefficient of static friction minimizes stick-slip or jerky motion of sliding parts on machine tools which maximize operating efficiency of the tools and promotes smooth overall operation. Due to their adhesiveness, these oils form a tenacious film which resists being wiped away by the slowly moving parallel surfaces of the way or being washed away by cutting fluids. Way Oils Vistac have proven excellence in the lubrication of ways in many types of machine tools, e. Chevron Chevron. Customize and Add to Cart. Be the first to review this product. Package Options. Warehouses In stock. Get Quote. Detailed Product Description Way Oils Vistac deliver value through Excellent adhesion Stringiness agent helps minimize leakage and helps control lubrication costs. Oxidation stability Resists deterioration from oxidation and promotes long service life. Smooth tool motion Low coefficient of static friction helps minimize stick-slip or jerky movement of sliding parts on machine tools. All rights reserved.
Chevron Way Oil Vistac 68 is premium ISO VG 68 way oil fluid formulated for use in lubricating slides and ways of machine tools to reduce friction and increase machine performance. This product can be used to lubricate bearings of various types of machine tools, such as lathes, planers, shapers, drilling and tapping machines. It can also be used in machinery operating at high loads. This Chevron slideway lubricant is suitable for once-through applications, such as the lubrication of chain drives, because of its tacky quality. It is recommended for use in machinery where contamination with soluble oil is a risk. A NSF registered lubricant, this product is acceptable for use in food processing areas where there is no possibility of the fluid coming into contact with food H2. They have low static friction which provides smoother machine operation by preventing jerky parts and eliminating the potential for stick-slip. The unusual adhesive quality of these lubricants adheres to metal and produces a strong lubricant film. This quality also prevents the oil from being wiped away by moving parts or being washed away by cutting fluids, ensuring a long service life. This product is available in 5 gal. I had delivery in less than a week. Petroleum Service will be my new supplier for Chevron products! Copy Link. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Name Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Product Info. Product Data. You save. Pail 55 Gal. Add to Cart. Browse Equivalent and Related Products. Mobil Vactra Oil No. Safety Data Sheet. Product Data Sheet. How to Find the Right Lubricant. Why Lubricant Additives are Important. View Bulk Pricing No Thanks. OK Cancel.