Edible manufacturing involves creating food products from ingredients, and reclaim is an important part of the process. Reclaim is the process of returning unused materials such as fats, oils, and sugars back into the production process for reuse. Calculating the amount of reclaim needed for edible manufacturing can be a difficult task, but with the right information and guidelines, it can be done with accuracy. In this article, we will discuss how to calculate the amount of reclaim needed for edible manufacturing, as well as provide tips on how to properly store reclaim and use it in the production process.

How much CBD should I use for edibles?

When making edibles with CBD, you’ll need to use an appropriate amount of reclaim. Typically, a ratio of 110 (one part CBD to 10 parts edible ingredients) is recommended when making edibles with CBD. The exact amount will depend on the potency of the CBD you’re using and the recipe you’re using.

What type of reclaim should I use for making edibles?

The amount of reclaim you need for making edibles depends on the recipe and how potent you want the edibles to be. Generally, you should use a full melt reclaim, which is the purest form of reclaim and contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids. Start with a small amount of reclaim and increase as needed to achieve the desired effect.

Is there an optimal ratio of reclaim to other ingredients for edibles?

No, there is no optimal ratio of reclaim to other ingredients for edibles. The amount of reclaim needed for edibles depends on the individual recipe and the desired potency. Generally, it is recommended to start small and adjust the amount of reclaim used based on the desired potency.

How long should I cook my edibles with reclaim?

The amount of reclaim you need for edibles will depend on the recipe you are making and the potency of your reclaim. Generally, you should cook your edibles with reclaim for at least 30 minutes, but longer cook times may be necessary to ensure that all of the cannabinoids are fully activated.

What temperature should I use when cooking edibles with reclaim?

The amount of reclaim you need for edibles will depend on the recipe. Generally, you should use about one teaspoon of reclaim for each serving. When cooking edibles with reclaim, use low temperatures, as high temperatures can cause the reclaim to degrade and its effects to be reduced.

Not too long ago, our illustrious Director of Scientific Operations Scott Churchill decided to see what was in the resin collecting in his pipe. His post seemed to generate a lot of interest, and we asked what you wanted us to test next. So, we listened and set out to find what was in reclaim. We tested four different samples of reclaim. Each sample was unique in the manner it was collected. They differed in smell, consistency, and color. The first sample of reclaim reclaim 1 had been collected from a drop-down. It appeared to look like dark, amber colored honey or maple syrup. To be completely honest, it looked pretty appealing. There was very little particulate in the oil, and when held up to a light it was not opaque but translucent. It was highly viscous at room temp and sticky. Not surprisingly, the profile came back highly potent in cannabinoids. All of the five major cannabinoids we quantify for came up, with the majority being delta 9-THC. The Max THC of this sample was Additionally, there was a Max CBD of 2. The total cannabinoid content was The second sample reclaim 2 came from my personal reclaim collection. Mainly, all of this oil had been collected by scraping the reclaim that had fallen down the direct inject of my rig, or from the inner coil of my Infiniti nail. It was contained in a No-Goo container, and was constantly added to over time. The color was completely black and opaque, and the consistency was that of tar you would find at the beach. It was not sticky at first touch, but becomes difficult to work with once heated. Again, all five cannabinoids were quantified with delta-9 THC being the highest. The Max THC was The total cannabinoid percentage was The third sample reclaim 3 , like the first, was collected from a dropdown. This reclaim had a similar consistency to the first, but had a much darker appearance. It was very sticky to the touch, and smelled slightly unpleasant. In a similar trend, all five cannabinoid were found, with delta-9 THC being the most prevalent. Total cannabinoids measured at The final reclaim reclaim 4 sample was very unique. In an attempt to salvage as much of the reclaim as possible while trying to avoid the use of isopropyl alcohol, I flashed the rig with my torch to lower the viscosity of the oil. I was able to get most to drip out the downstem, and collected it into a No-Goo. This sample then sat in the same non-stick container for over six months. When we decided to do this experiment, I thought this sample would be a good candidate. When I opened the container, the consistency was unlike all of the other samples. This sample of reclaim had turned back into a shatter like consistency, breaking and splintering when handled. It was completely black and stable at room temp, with no discernable odor. What was interesting was the extremely high amount of CBN, which was 8. Out of the four samples, this one had the least amount of total measured cannabinoids, at All four of these samples had increased levels of CBN, when compared to typical extracts and flowers. These tests show there are significant amounts of cannabinoids remaining in reclaim, in particular delta-9 THC. The question that remains is what is reclaims most effective use? Many, including myself not too long ago, would smoke it or use it to season their new titanium nails. Others have said they save it to cook into edibles. Some have said they simply throw it out, regarding it similarly to cigarette ashes. We cannot give any suggestions as to how to use your reclaim, but hopefully this data will help you make an informed decision. From The Data. Reclaim is the leftover, unvaporized oil that collects in rigs and dropdowns. More From The Data. Outdoor vs. Cannabis Industry Testing Statistics Jan 26, Whats in a Strain Blue Dream Aug 11, Ready to start testing? Testing with MCR Labs is fast and easy. Check out all the laboratories in our network! Find a Lab. Cookies are used on this site and installed on your device to assist with page navigation, delivering content tailored to your interests, and for analyzing your use of our service to improve user experience. To learn about our cookies and your privacy, click here. Subscribe to our blog! Stay up to date on the latest in cannabis science. Thank you, you are subscribed! You will receive a confirmation email.
So I got few grams of reclaimed dab is it good to cook with if so is there something important I need to know or can I just cook it into some butter. Never tried with reclaim before so I have no idea but If it were me I would go big or go home lol. Sorry but honestly have no idea I put about 8grams of kief into brownies so i would start about 5gs. Cyle1 or go for a heroic dose. Maybe 2ml per serving? To make a 12 serving cake, replace 1. Hey blackthumbbetty I was jw have u run across anyone who doesnt get high on edibles? That even took a few different tries. No they are not it just doesnt affect him like everyone else.