If you’re looking for a sweet treat that packs a flavorful punch, look no further than Bodega Treats Gummies! These delicious gummies come with an impressive 200mg of flavor per serving, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. With a variety of flavors on offer, you’ll never be stuck for something to snack on. Whether you’re looking for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or something to munch on while watching your favorite show, Bodega Treats Gummies are sure to hit the spot. Read on to learn more about these delicious treats and why they’re the ultimate indulgence.

What flavors are offered in the Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg?

The Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg come in a variety of delicious flavors, including Watermelon, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Orange. Each gummy contains 200mg of THC distillate and can be enjoyed in delicious fruity flavors.

What is the recommended dosage for taking Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg?

The recommended dosage for Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg is one to two pieces per day. For best results, start with one piece and increase to two pieces if necessary. It is important to note that the effects of edibles can take up to two hours to kick in and can last up to eight hours.

Are there any other CBD products available from Bodega Treats?

Yes, Bodega Treats offers a variety of CBD products, including gummies, capsules, tinctures, and topicals. Each product is available in various concentration levels, ranging from 25mg to 200mg of CBD. Whether you’re looking for a daily supplement, a quick snack, or a topical solution to target specific areas, Bodega Treats has something for everyone.

Are Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg vegan friendly?

Yes, Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg are vegan friendly. They contain no animal products, and are made with all natural, plant-based ingredients. The gummies are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

Are Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg gluten free?

Yes, Bodega Treats Gummies 200mg are gluten free. They are made with natural ingredients and are free of any wheat, gluten, or animal by-products.

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