If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the benefits of THC, KAWS Bar is the perfect solution. THC-infused edibles are a great way to enjoy the effects of cannabis without any of the risks associated with smoking or vaping. KAWS Bar offers a delicious range of edibles that are made with high-quality, lab-tested ingredients. Learn more about this innovative product and find out why it’s becoming a popular choice among cannabis consumers.

What percentage of THC is present in Kaws Bar?

The exact percentage of THC present in Kaws Bar varies depending on the specific strain, but it typically ranges from 20-30%.

Does Kaws Bar contain any CBD?

Kaws Bar THC does not contain any CBD. It is made with THC distillate and cannabis terpenes, which give it its unique flavor and aroma. Kaws Bar THC is not intended to be a CBD product, and it does not contain any CBD.

Is Kaws Bar a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum product?

Kaws Bar is a broad-spectrum product, meaning that it contains all of the beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant, but it has gone through a process to remove most of the THC.

Are there any other cannabinoids present in Kaws Bar?

Yes, Kaws Bar THC is not the only cannabinoid present in the product. It also contains cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is known for its therapeutic properties and has been studied for a variety of potential health benefits.

Are there any potential health benefits associated with consuming Kaws Bar?

Consuming Kaws Bar may lead to potential health benefits, including relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and stress. The THC content in Kaws Bar may also help to reduce nausea, increase appetite, and reduce anxiety. Additionally, the combination of THC and CBD may have neuroprotective effects, which could be beneficial for those suffering from neurological conditions.

These products particularly appeal to young individuals looking for ways to go around local laws for a lower price. Consumers who have used these black market products report lung pain and uncontrollable coughing, and in some extreme cases, even report hospitalization. As a cannabis consumer in , you have to know how to identify these fake products and avoid the harmful effects that can they may cause. They have compiled an in-depth list of every fake cart ever reported on their subreddit here. They post a wide variety of questions, real or fake checks, and memes. Both communities have rules and standards to keep their operations efficient and away from individuals who may seek to promote fake products. These communities frequently come together to keep one another safe from the dangerous chemicals and bacteria that can lead to health problems. Fake Carts List of Popular Brands and Counterfeits These fake products appeal to consumers for their suspiciously low prices. However, these black market products skip lab tests and regularly monitor the ingredients in their products. In a legitimate THC cartridge, the product is monitored from its growth, harvest, and then throughout the entire extraction process until it is packaged securely in a cartridge. Throughout this process, the product is also tested to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides that can cause health issues, an issue that has been seen around the world as users of fake products report mysterious lung illnesses. All 50 states across the United States have reported lung illnesses attributed to illegitimate vape products. By not going through a company that regularly tests and complies with government regulations, consumers lack the knowledge of all the ingredients in the products they are using. However, there are ways to become familiar with brands selling fake products and identify warning signs that products are not legitimate. The following list begins with the top 10 fake cannabis oil cart brands and then moves on to the top 10 most counterfeited THC cartridge brands. MuhaMeds The hashtag muhameds is often looped into black market accounts that attempt to sell fake copies of the product. The company appears to be legitimate as they offer a method of countering this through a verification process on their website. Still, they have no licenses available or a physical address. Customers can find a unique serial number on the product box and input it through the company website, which will then take them to a page that claims to verify the extensive lab results that their products go through. Glo Extracts Glo Extracts, known for their bright yellow logo, also frequents the black market. Customers can buy empty Glo Extracts cartridges filled with any substance they want and sell them as legit THC cartridges on several wholesale sites. The verification codes on their products even pass the verification process on their website. They also have a page on lab results. Still, many customers will notice wide data gaps between the distribution of their products period ex. A nearly 5-month gap between products produced from September and February The lab tests are also not compliance testing results. The website lacks proof of a distribution license. We respect the hustle and efforts of the lab test results, but we encourage doing things the right way, so consumers are protected. Not even an Instagram or website! This company lacks the same general guidelines that an individual would look for in a verified THC cartridge company, such as no verification, no license, and no website to purchase products. Given the lack of a website and platform, there is no way to verify that the products go through lab testing, though it would be safe to assume that they skip over that process. However, their website has gone through an extensive rebranding process to convince customers that they have become a legit company. Yet, their lab results remain inconclusive and do not prove that they have been thoroughly tested. There are many reports of this Simpson cart on Reddit about it being fake, and there is no distribution license available for them. CaliCarts CaliCarts appears to be a legitimate brand, with its fancy packaging and carts that include their unique logo. We do not recommend these Cali Carts because there is no lab test results or distribution license. Cartnite An obvious play on the popular video game Fortnite, Cartnite carts come in a myriad of flavors that can be filled with anything since they, like many other fake products, have empty cartridges sold online, ready to be filled with any unregulated product. As we all know, there is just no way this video game company would legally allow Off White Carts The distillate oil looks great, but there is no proof available that off-white THC carts are clean. With their sleek packaging, Off White Carts gives off the impression that they are a serious company that takes pride in its products.