Our Story

Daniel Vineyards, founded in 1990, is a family-owned and operated conservation grape farm and estate winery nestled in the stunning Appalachian mountains of southern West Virginia. Formerly a popular local golf course known as Twin Oaks, our 192-acre property boasts 30 acres of perfectly manicured West Virginia-grown grapes. Located at an elevation ranging from 2,500 to 2,600 feet above sea level, Daniel Vineyards is the highest vineyard in the state of West Virginia. At this location, winters are colder than wine-making regions such as the Finger Lakes of New York, the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Germany, and the Alsace region of France. The milder climates of these and many other regions allow them to raise and mature grapes that colder climates such as ours cannot. This has presented a unique obstacle to grape growing, challenging Daniel Vineyards over the past 27 years to experiment with growing more than 114 different varieties of grapes. Through trial and error, we now successfully grow 15 grape varieties known as Cold Climate Cultivars. These hybrid and native varietal vines thrive in this climate, allowing us to create the world-class wines our many loyal customers have come to expect.

We at Daniel Vineyards are extremely proud to be the only farm winery & vineyard in the state to ever place in the top three of 21,000 farms at the West Virginia State Conservation Farm Competition, accomplishing this feat in 2008 and 2013. Today, we proudly carry on Daniel Vineyards’ tradition of experimentation and conservation farming through continuing education and learning, thoughtfully evolving our methods and techniques so that we continue to produce the high-quality and unique West Virginia-made wines for which we have become famous.


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