Are you looking for the perfect CBD vape juice for your sour drops? Look no further! This article provides the ultimate guide to finding the best CBD vape juice for sour drops. We’ll discuss the different types of CBD vape juices available, offer tips on choosing the right flavor, and provide essential information about the potency and quality of CBD vape juice. With this guide, you’ll be sure to find the perfect CBD vape juice to complement your sour drops.

What is the best flavor of CBD vape juice for Suorin Drop?

The best flavor of CBD vape juice for the Suorin Drop is the Blueberry Blast flavor. It is a sweet and fruity flavor that is sure to give you a great vaping experience. The flavor is also very smooth and not too overwhelming, so it is a great choice for those who are just starting out with vaping.

What type of CBD is used in Suorin Drop vape juice?

The best CBD vape juice for Suorin Drop is a high-quality CBD isolate, which is a pure form of CBD that has been isolated from other cannabinoids. This type of vape juice has no THC, so users don’t have to worry about any psychoactive effects. CBD isolate is also free of any other plant compounds and is the best option for those looking for the purest form of CBD.

How much CBD is in Suorin Drop vape juice?

The amount of CBD in Suorin Drop vape juice varies depending on the manufacturer and the specific type of juice. Some brands offer higher concentrations of CBD than others. However, most Suorin Drop vape juices contain at least 10 mg of CBD per ml. If you are looking for the highest concentration of CBD, look for vape juices that contain 50 mg of CBD or more per ml.

Are there any extra ingredients used in Suorin Drop vape juice?

Yes, there are some extra ingredients that may be used in Suorin Drop vape juice. Depending on the type of CBD oil or e-juice, some of the most common ingredients used in Suorin Drop vape juice include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural or artificial flavoring, and nicotine. Additionally, some CBD vape juice may also contain terpenes or other natural compounds for added flavor and effect.

What is the best PG/VG ratio for Suorin Drop vape juice?

The best PG/VG ratio for Suorin Drop vape juice is 50/50. The 50/50 ratio provides the best overall balance of flavor and vapor production. It also works well with CBD, providing the user with a smooth, enjoyable experience. Higher PG ratios can produce more flavor, but can be harsher on the throat. Higher VG ratios can produce more vapor, but can be less flavorful.

Our main man Jonny reviewed the Suorin Air and was very impressed. So will the Drop follow in these great footsteps? There is a metal battery and you slide refillable pods into the battery housing. Apparently the company Foxconn produce this and the pods they are the manufacturers behind iPhones and Playstations. It is an automatic device so no buttons or adjustments simply inhale on the mouthpiece and it will fire up. Until you get to the instructions which are pretty basic, poorly translated and missing some important info you will see further on in the review. When you get the drop out of the box you will be amazed at the weight of it, it feels soo sturdy! I received the black one for review and am constantly wiping it, binning photos I have taken because of dirty great finger prints and wiping it more! But it is very beautiful! There is also a limited edition in rainbow which looks even prettier. There are no buttons or adjustments as I mentioned above because this is an automatic device. An air pressure sensor triggers when you inhale and switches on the fire function. This is pretty quick too! There is a large blob on the front with the Suorin logo that is all it is it is not a button or light just a logo. There is an indicator light hidden below the pod easy to see when charging but not easy to see when vaping as its right below your nose! I have tried to pull the drop out of my mouth super quick so I can see the colour of the light and sometimes I do catch it but it goes off very quick when you stop inhaling which is a bit poor. There is an LED indicator nestled below the pod and that will display the charge capacity remaining when you take a vape. However the light is difficult to see and to be honest when it turned red I only had about 2 vapes and it shut down. Use the supplied USB cable, plug the small end into the charging port on the base of the Drop and the other end into a suitable USB outlet. I have seen reports online not from official Suorin channels though that this is fully charged in 45 mins. However my experience was a bit different. No idea if the light goes off or flashes or stays on when charged? The instructions do not tell you? Just to be really thorough I left it another 2 hours to see if any lights went out and nope still just blue light? The pod contains the coil and the coil cannot be replaced. Therefore when the coil has reached the end of its life you simply change the pod for a new one. Signs the coil has had it are poor performance with full battery and full pod , burning taste or it will not fire up at all. There is nothing to grip to just pull it out and ended up wedging things into the sides to prise it out. A warning card is included in the box stating you must leave the tank for mins after filling for the first time to make sure the wicking material absorbs the liquid. The card also states the minimum VG content of the E-liquid you should use. Make sure the rubber fill port plugs are fully pushed in if these are protruding slightly there might be difficulty in the electrical contacts working. So if you do get a misfire check the plugs are fully closed. No dry hits, no spitting, no gurgling! I had no leaks at all if you do get leaks make sure that the E-liquid you are using has more VG than PG. What a wonderful little coil and pod. A nice throat hit and surprisingly warm vapour are just the icing on the little Drops cake wow. I would recommend for a starter vaper or soon to be ex-smoker to go for a higher nicotine strength possibly mg. This can be difficult to find in higher VG liquids as required by the Suorin Drop. So look at the possibility of using Nicotine Shots or Short Fill E-liquids to up the nicotine strength or Nicotine Salt E-liquid if you find you are still craving ciggies. I was quite sad as I am loving vaping with this and then you catch a glimpse if you are lucky of the red light, then 2 vapes and it conks out on you. So far I have only vaped through 2 pod fills using the Drop as the rest of the time it is on charge sadly. I am very worried I am being overly harsh about the battery it is only a small device so it will only be a small battery. But it does need to be practical. I have even been over cautious to make sure I have FULLY charged it in case it was my error but after 5 hours connected up it should have fully charged. Have I hammered it and used it harshly? I have only managed to vape 2 full pods so if I was using it excessively surely I would be topping up with liquid more than I was charging it? I would happily have this mod slightly bigger and have a better capacity battery. The flavour and vape experience really really threw me was not expecting it to be that good! Poor instructions, poor LED indicator placement, hard to remove pods, no idea when battery is charged and poor battery capacity. If you want a tiny stealth mod with loads of flavour for a couple of hours use this is the pod mod for you.