Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a debilitating condition that affects the wrist and hand, causing pain, numbness and tingling in the affected area. While conventional medicine has yet to provide a definitive cure for CTS, there is increasing evidence to suggest that the use of essential oils from Young Living can provide relief for those suffering from the condition. In this article, we will discuss the potential benefits of using Young Living essential oils for CTS, as well as provide some tips on how to get the most out of them. We will also look at the safety concerns associated with using essential oils to treat CTS. Finally, we will provide some insight into how Young Living essential oils can complement other treatments for CTS.

What essential oils are beneficial for treating carpal tunnel syndrome?

Young Living essential oils that can be beneficial for treating carpal tunnel syndrome include Copaiba, Lemongrass, and Wintergreen. Copaiba is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Lemongrass is known to reduce nerve pain and improve circulation, while Wintergreen can help reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

How often should I apply CBD oil for carpal tunnel relief?

CBD oil should be applied as needed for carpal tunnel relief. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may be beneficial to apply CBD oil several times a day. However, it is important to consult with a medical professional before using CBD oil for carpal tunnel relief. Young Living Essential Oils offers a variety of products that can help with carpal tunnel relief, including the Ortho Sport Massage Oil, Deep Relief Roll-On, and Ortho Ease Massage Oil.

What are the side effects of using CBD oil for carpal tunnel?

CBD oil is a popular natural remedy used to treat a variety of ailments, including carpal tunnel. It has been reported to reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and ease pain associated with carpal tunnel. However, since CBD oil is still relatively new, there is limited research on potential side effects. Some of the more commonly reported side effects of using CBD oil for carpal tunnel include dry mouth, fatigue, and lightheadedness. While the side effects of CBD oil are generally mild, it is important to speak with your doctor before starting any new natural remedy.

Does Young Living produce CBD oil specifically for treating carpal tunnel?

No, Young Living does not produce CBD oil specifically for treating carpal tunnel. However, they do produce carpal tunnel-specific essential oil blends that can be used to provide relief from the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel. The most popular blend is their ‘Carpal Tunnel Relief’ blend, which combines ginger, cypress, and clove essential oils.

What are the benefits of using CBD oil for carpal tunnel relief?

CBD oil has been found to be effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. It is known to reduce pain, improve mobility and reduce inflammation in the affected area. CBD oil is a natural remedy that is safe to use and has no known side effects. Additionally, it is easy to apply and can be used in combination with other essential oils to enhance its effects. Young Living has developed a special blend of essential oils, called the Carpal Tunnel Relief Blend, that has been specifically formulated to provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. This blend combines the pain-relieving properties of lavender, marjoram, and rosemary essential oils with CBD oil for a powerful and effective blend for carpal tunnel relief.

The only problem is that natural herbs for carpal tunnel syndrome are not very effective. Yet theyre sold almost everywhere. But these arent the only herbs marketed as a carpal tunnel cure with false promises. Frankincense is the dried resin or sap from a tree known as Boswellia. Similarly, myrrh is a resin extracted from the Commiphora plant. Once again, these and all other herbs for sale as carpal tunnel treatments are completely worthless. Yet these ingredients are still available as carpal tunnel remedies in various formulations. These herbs include. Some companies add this oil to the above herbs and promote the formula as an enhanced remedy. But it has no effect whatsoever. It contains frankincense oil as the main ingredient. The company claims that if you rub the cream into the skin on the wrist, severe carpal tunnel symptoms will dissolve away. Again, this is completely false. There is no evidence this claim is valid. In reality, there is no clinical or scientific evidence that frankincense, myrrh or any other herbal product is effective for carpal tunnel syndrome. Their official statement is utterly false. Rub the oil wherever you need carpal tunnel pain relief and experience a soothing effect in only minutes. This is deceptive advertising and even violates federal law. You should understand that the origin of carpal tunnel syndrome is inside your wrist joint. So rubbing any ingredient on the palm or fingers is completely ineffective. The FDA clearly states that its illegal to falsely claim a result for a medical product. If scientific facts do not support a claim, then the company is breaking the law. Offending companies are subject to substantial fines and censure. Moreover, the FDA cited a number of companies for over-stating the effects of Boswellia to consumers. Their other topical cream products also contain primarily useless oils. Be aware that NO topical cream or ointment penetrates the skin for more than a few hundredths of an inch. So suggesting a cream penetrates into the carpal tunnel space deep inside the wrist joint is absurd. No oil, cream, nutrient, emollient or balm can get rid of neuropathy. Dont fall for it. There simply is no scientific or clinical evidence to show these herbs have any effect. Return and Refund Policy. Shipping Policy. Get in touch. Buy Now. You might also like Helpful info about carpal tunnel surgery. Find a carpal tunnel doctor near you. See the average cost of carpal tunnel surgery in YOUR state. Are you certain you have carpal tunnel? Take this self-test. Thousands of websites sell topical creams and potions to eliminate neuropathy or specifically, carpal tunnel syndrome. Note that carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of neuropathy. These topical formulas contain a variety of similar ingredients. Unfortunately, not one single study has ever validated that herbs for carpal tunnel are effective. In fact, very few natural compounds have any clinical or scientific basis to relieve neuropathy. But the sale of these ingredients as a remedy for serious and painful conditions continues to this day. These herbs include Cinnamon St. Home Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Carpal Pain Solutions.
Avocado oil. Are you suffering from hand and wrist pain because of carpal tunnel syndrome? It is primarily caused by the compression of what is called the median nerve that is located at the wrist. The carpal tunnel is the narrow passageway of ligaments and bones at the base of the hand. It contains the median nerve and tendons. When the tendons thicken because of irritations and swelling, the tunnel becomes narrow and compresses the median nerve. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome gradually start and worsen when left untreated. The common symptoms are hand and wrist pain, a burning sensation in the middle and index fingers, thumb and finger numbness, and an electric-like shock through the wrist and hand. CTS is often caused by repetitive movements like typing on the computer keyboard, holding the phone to the ear, texting, playing the piano, and other tasks that require the repetitive motion of the wrist. Hand injuries like broken or dislocated wrist bones can also contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs may help to relieve short-term pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. However, these have negative side effects that are harmful to the body. Othe treatments for CTS include botox injections, exercise, therapy and in severe cases, surgery. Essential oils have healing properties that can effectively alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by CTS. You can make a roller blend of essential oils that have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Diluted with a carrier oil, these essential oils can be applied on the skin and can greatly reduce pain and swelling. The scent of the essential oils also brings a calming and relaxing effect.