Wine & Grape Varieties

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All wines 14% or less alcohol content.

White Wine

  • 2020 Sauvignon Blanc
  • Price Per – $15.00
    Semi-Dry, Bright and crisp, enjoy this Sauvignon Blanc with a fresh green salad, goat cheese, lemon and fresh herbs such as dill, parsley or cilantro. Excellent with seafood featuring an herbal or buttery sauce.

  • 2020 Riesling
  • Price Per – $15.00
    Semi-Sweet, Fruit forward with hints of peaches and apple, our 2020 Riesling is an excellent pairing with dishes with a touch of spice, gorgonzola or an aged gouda or curries. Or simply sip and savor on its own.

  • 2019 Twin Oaks White
  • Price Per – $15.00
    BEST SELLER: Our first sweet white wine here at Daniel Vineyards. Enjoy with cream sauces that have a little spice and heat.

Red Wine

  • 2019 St. Vincent*
  • Price Per – $15.00
    Dry, Stainless steel tank fermented, our 2019 St. Vincent is a light bodied, dry red wine with cherry and plum notes. Excellent pairing with savory, grilled steaks such as ribeye.
    *2015 Bronze Medal Winner, Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition

  • 2016 Norton
  • Price Per – $12.00
    A varietal classic, Norton, is beautifully dark set ruby coloring. Astounding earth tones are notable with slight bright acidity. A very forward wine to pair perfectly with mushroom sauces, beef and lamb dishes.

  • 2018 Red Blend
  • Price Per – $15.00
    A semi-dry red blend consisting of Marquette, Frontenac, Petite and Pearl Red grapes. A fruit forward and well balanced red wine that pairs perfectly with steaks, pastas, and lamb.

Dessert Wines

  • Blackberry Semi-Sweet*
  • Price Per – $14.00
    A dessert wine made from 100% blackberries. It has a rich berry taste with a nice bite. It pairs well with fruity desserts, chocolate and cheesecake. Try our Blackberry wine cake recipe – truly unforgettable!
    * Gold Medal Winner, 2009 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition
    * Silver Medal Winner, 2010 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition
    * Silver Medal Winner, 2015 Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition

  • Red Raspberry
  • Price Per – $14.00
    A sweet American Red Raspberry wine made from 100% Red Raspberries. Great to enjoy chilled during the summer months. Stop by the Winery to get a wine cake recipe!

  • 2010 Port
  • Price Per – $20.00
    A true treat to enjoy after dinner or simply relaxing after a long day. Our port is a special blend St. Vincent, Frontenac and Marquette grapes which has been fortified with un-aged brandy, making it right at 20% alcohol. Pair with dark chocolates or sharp cheeses.

  • Sweet R & B
  • Price Per – $14.00
    Sweet, A blend of Red Raspberry, Blackberry and white grape. Our Sweet R & B makes the perfect after dinner dessert to finish any meal.

Grape Varieties

White Grapes

  • Esprit
  • Cayuga
  • Vidal
  • Seyval
  • Brianna
  • La Crescent
  • Chardonel
  • Vignoles
  • Sabrevois

Red Grapes

  • St. Vincent
  • Frontenac
  • Marquette
  • Norton
  • Petite Pearl Red
  • Croix

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