Our Vision

At Daniel Vineyards, our dream is to be an integral part of the West Virginia wine movement. We attempt to do this by focusing on growing world-class grapes in West Virginia and introducing a wine culture and quality that is appreciated and revered not only locally but throughout the United States. By collaborating with other local farms and businesses, we hope to educate and inspire through farm-to-table, tangible experiences. It is our desire that these experiences, along with our quality products, will transport you back to a simpler time when you could trust and believe in not only the product, but also in the people who produce them. Come join us, and see what you’ve been missing!

The Mission

At Daniel Vineyards, we believe in the importance of tradition combined with sustainable practices. We make it our mission to grow every single grape that goes into our wines, taking pride in the fact that we are the only vineyard in the state who can boast such a claim! Our dedicated employees concentrate on putting back what we take from the land, incorporating conservation farming techniques to maintain the health of our soil from year to year. Our family-owned business is dedicated to honoring the traditional craft of wine-making, practicing sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming practices, and the sharing of the agrarian experience with others.


Stay Updated

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